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Petition For An Immediate And Humane Response To The Humanitarian Crisis Of Unaccompanied Minors

There is a crisis in Central America, at the border, and in the United States highlighted by the children who are leaving their homes and arriving at the United States in massive numbers. But no government is responding by providing the protection the children require or the humanitarian aims the situation deserves.
CARECEN DC, CARECEN LA, CARECEN San Francisco and NDLON are asking organizations and individuals to sign on to this letter demanding that the United States and Central American governments take immediate action. Urgent intervention will initiate the process for long-term solutions that provide the children with the care they need.
Read Flores v. Reno case determining policy for the detention, treatment, and release of minors in Customs and Border Patrol custody.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform: A Time for Congress to Act

President Obama and members of Congress have promised to support and address immigration reform. Our current immigration system tears apart families and impedes the growth of our economy. Our country needs a viable path to legalization for workers and families who buy ativan online usa have played an important role in the U.S. economy for years. We urge House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to take leadership in working for a comprehensive immigration reform bill.


Grant Permanent Residence to Central Americans with Temporary Protected Status

We ask Congress to grant permanent residence to those Salvadorans, Hondurans and Nicaraguans who have been here for over a decade under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and have been living in a legal limbo, constantly worried about the stability of their families, households and lives.

TPS was originally created to offer relief to immigrants facing a time of uncertainty in their home countries. TPS class members are protected from deportation, have work authorization and must abide by the laws of this country. Although the status allows them to remain in the U.S., it is temporary and must be renewed by the administration every 18 months. After each renewal, TPS holders must re-register. This process includes paying all necessary fees, undergoing criminal background checks, filing tax returns, and demonstrating that they are of good moral character.

This constant reauthorization process limits TPS class members’ ability to fully integrate into society. In addition, thousands of mixed status families would be torn apart if the TPS program were to end. It is critical to understand that TPS is not the path towards self-sufficient, stable immigrant communities. Permanent Residency is the only solution to ensure the progress of our families, communities, and nation, and end the uncertainty that thousands of Latino immigrant families are living with every day.