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All the students are doing calisthenics in the playground, the head of the space never changed that lifeless female, prolonged soccer jerseys cheap china crying sound beats, and boosting the music is particularly alienated. Halfway when the music ended, the students loud voice slowly came from far away, like the tide gradually coming toward you as more and more noisy. Easy to turn into the piece away from the path leading to the boulevard teaching building, sinks into countless student crowd. See Qiming afar ahead, back in the girls looked around in tall together. Gu Senxiang walk the edge in his hands is Qiming's a white coat. Winter Qiming often wearing that piece, it wore bulging like a bear. But do not know is ready to back Qiming, or Qiming just for her. Weather has gradually heat up, it has not feel cold, but come the morning, I did not see Qiming have with this dress. So it should be returned to the Qiming. Well, what is it lent Senxiang care of it? Easy to walk far far behind, countless people from her back over her vagina until it was easy to walk on the forest falls rearmost crowd. Qiming CeGuo head looked far side looked Senxiang soccer jerseys for women care in numerous crowd, has become particularly clear. Seem to have been countless glowing thin line depicts the edge contour, soft white glow coming. And next to him Senxiang care, are his eyes smiled and talked. Unlike Don millet as the proliferation of rich aroma smile, but really clean white flowers. Smell the aroma, but it is clear that fresh taste. 110 Like having a sharp blade quickly across the surface of the heart suddenly very shallow place, almost imperceptible wounds, blood or pain are also looking for less. At the same time think of, there is another one exactly the same face. Easy to swallow the bread away from being choked throat, esophagus and respiratory truss like a rubber band, like suddenly moving not even breathe. Easy walk to unscrew his head and drank a bottle of mineral water several saliva, hold the red face was pale and slowly recover. Do not choke the tears blurred the line of sight makes one. Easy remote screw down the lid, raised his head and could not see Gu Qiming Senxiang back. Yi walked away toward the classroom, having just taken two steps forward, he suddenly bent toward the side of the road parterre violent vomit. Touch on the stomach ache, just eat the bread dough becomes shining white gushed from the mouth. This feeling of nausea so easy to throw more violently throwing up. 111 Back and palms are a lot of sweat begin to emerge. Like abdominal pain came from the valley was repeatedly excited gradually become deafening echo. There is a huge drop in the abdominal cavity of sharp scissors, Kacha Kacha rapidly opening and closing the scissors move. Like waves, like fear, will be easy to throw it off instantly drowned. The last class is physical education. Teacher's whistle blowing crisp voice echoed over the empty playground. With neither long nor short echo, so that the already empty playground even more desolate. Began to grow around the runway countless thin humilis, the sky is the wind only a single piece of clean blue, the sun is not the slightest barrier to shine down. Sunny world where every inch of ground seem to have been magnified a million times, and then a small minor, you can clearly focus projection in the eye. If you look down from the perspective of the sky, the playground is divided into several areas, there is a soccer jerseys nike region in the class play, there is a regional exercise class sprinter in the 100 meters straight, and is located at the edge of an empty bunker, a few scattered large sheets of dark green mat, wearing the same color jerseys students flexibility in doing simple exercises. Jump forward roll forward soccer jerseys wholesale roll or the like. A football jump a few times and then rolled straight into the bushes, the crowd a neat complain. Then a boy ran from the center of the playground picking. His fine layer of sweat on his forehead became very bright in the sun. Easy remote sitting on the steps of the playground, after the previous fear, dare not easy to walk in any violent action, so in order to "dysmenorrhea" as the reason for wanting a physical education teacher took leave of absence. Although there were no immediate discomfort, one hour before tearing the whole person should like the same pain disappeared.

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