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Easy remote squinted in the bright light, so he saw a group of people playing in wearing a white T-shirt Gu Sensi. He had just lost his foot with ball, evidently seemed upset, but then they ran into the crowd to accelerate. Yi Gu Sensi looked away, did not soccer jerseys authentic ask him, just looked at fixed set, his white T-shirt under a strong light like a reflective mirror. Easy remote recovery eyes, looked down at the front of their projection. Wind messy strands of hair, collar stand very stable in the wind. In fact, people who are not so familiar, but still slightly feel heartache. But in fact change over think it, but fortunately it is not too familiar with the people, if their is Qiming met yesterday, then this sad it should be amplified tenfold. But if really Qiming, then where will be sad, it can be easily interpreted, even he can not explain knows everything. Easy Way back forward, rubbed his eyes. Sit down beside a man. Large group of hot air toward yourself. Easy walk back and side Gu Sensi half in light, half melt into the shadows. Sweat dripping from his forehead bangs one by one, down. He pulled a T-shirt collar flapping back and forth, eyebrows slightly wrinkled together. Easy walk to mineral water in their hands towards him handed over, Gu said nothing Sensi took out his hand, his head inside Gulp drank half a bottle of water. Gu Yi looked away Sensi scroll up and down the Adam's apple, his head buried in her hands on his knees crying. Boys ready gymnastics, girls soccer jerseys free shipping across the rest not far away, waiting for the boys to change it after practicing them. Qiming teacher helping two sea mats stacked together, good practice more dangerous actions. Bent drag soccer jerseys from china mat, I heard classmates called his name, looked up toward the side of the saw several boys Nuzui, malicious smile. Qiming go back and see standing on the edge of care Senxiang. She is holding two bottles of mineral water. 113 Boys around the booing sound, Qiming little embarrassed laugh. He ran toward the care Senxiang, ask soccer jerseys 2014 how you here ah. Gu Senxiang smiled and said, I can see you are also physical education, took a bottle of water over. Qiming took her fed to the water, unscrew the cap handed it back to her, then put her hand to take over another bottle, unscrew drank two. Gu Senxiang handkerchief from his pocket and asked, wipe it? Qiming face slightly red up, waved his hand and he kept saying No, no. After saying a few bow and waved to each other and ran back. Young sports teacher can not help but laugh a few, Qiming also half-jokingly retorted that he "does not respect as a teacher." So the class of people laughing continue school. And this scene should have been noticed Don millet did not focus on here. She sat beside the playground looked easy stroll away from the edge of the facial features and easy to clear one hundred T-shirts boys face in the sun slowly disappeared. Until a few girls came to pull her to buy water, she instantly resumed wonderful flowery expressions, and one of the girls said, pointing to a distant away easily, "but how she came to class," we easily pick the one, "she Well, of course, to keep the body slightly." Another girl with a sharp voice with a smile, said:. "Should be dysmenorrhea it, hee hee." Don millet smiled and said: "?. Dysmenorrhea she would have wished it." "Well?" Sharp sound a bit confused and did not understand the meaning of the Tang millet.

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