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After riding out the alley, easy to walk softly said:. "I've eaten all day soccer jerseys for sale medicine you do not have pressed me how to do." "Eat what?" Qiming did not quite understand. "I said I've eaten medicine," easy to raise his voice a bit away, "abortion drug." Behind came the answer is not just the sound coming from the ears clear the brakes, as well as small arms suddenly feel like a pincer grip of pain. Easy carted away bicycles to stabilize the car carrying the man did not turn down, turn around and look Qiming somewhat angrily, "Are you crazy?!" Easy remote shook hands, "You let me go!" "You're just crazy!" Qiming hand suddenly grabbed away easily increase the power of a terrible stretch knuckles white. Qiming teeth, agitation, but her voice low, "Do you know the drug flow is soccer jerseys cheap very easy to bleeding, they might you will die, you know? What you do!" "You let me go!" Easy walk to improve voice shouted, "You know ass!" "You just know ass! I checked the Internet over!" Qiming low voice shouted back, two thick black eyebrows wrinkled brows quickly obvious shadow, narrow eyes become red. Easy remote stopped struggling and let Qiming clutching his hand. Time seemed to have a lion-like pace soft pads of light from the two side slowly and over. Easy remote even heard second hand ticking trance sounds. Left arm uploaded to the feeling of pain in Qiming growing in strength, become increasingly clear. Qiming eyes moist like to shed water, the earth shaking his lips moved, but did not say a word. 107 The same as the background lights in exchange for going on two head, around the traffic flow like a noisy river. Do not know how long passed. Easy walk slowly withdrew his arm from the hands of Qiming. She rubbed the red marks were caught out, bowed his head and said softly: "? Then you say, I have other ways to do" Then she turned to step onto the car, and then slowly disappeared in the chaotic and noisy billowing sea of ​​people. Qiming lying on the bike, forced bend the corners of the mouth. Pops to fall on the soccer jerseys ground a few drops tracks on asphalt road open to infiltration. Pocket phone rang abruptly, Qiming out his cell phone and saw the phone is Gu Senxiang fight. Qiming picked it up, and said, "Hey", the whispered cry. 108 After easily walk into the classroom would obviously feel the taste of a different kind of excitement filled the former air around. Pencil is open until he saw a note yesterday's note, written on science and technology museum trip in soccer jerseys china the afternoon above. Just turned on the morning classes, afternoon classes have been replaced by science and technology museum visits. Easy walk all day watching their textbooks filled with heavy bags and sighed. Just sit down, I saw Don millet into the classroom. Easy walk casually looked, she saw a jacket in another uniform jacket, skirt school uniform skirt below another one. No need for a science museum activities and scheming it. Easily pulled away from the mouth of disdain smile, bow ready first class textbook. Easy walk took leave of absence when calisthenics, ran toilet checked the body. Found that there is no feeling. No blood and no pain occurs. Easy to come away from the toilet cubicle, standing in front of the sink, she looked in the mirror inside yourself, skin simply too good for words. Teachers sit back for a moment, empty classrooms only one person away easily. Easy Way back in the morning to eat pills but now I have no response, even a bit skeptical whether it is useful. So a little bit of the size of the tablet can actually kill a fetus, it seems easy to think back the feel is not completely reliable. Looked out the window, you can see a playground full of people, stiff and uniform waving arms toward the sky. Easy remote feel a little hungry, so got up to go downstairs to buy a small school.

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